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A first-time entry for a Game Jam on, what else, 'My First Game Jam'!

In this endless game, you play as an unnamed man who happens to don a laser-spewing hat while having to move along the ever-so-moving terrain to avoid getting crushed and to take down the enemies from above. But why, oh why did he decide to go to this horrid place...or perhaps it's just a bad day for his home? We just don't know!


  • 20 Stages, each of them with varying quality of level design! After you finish the 20th stage, the game loops, but the stages move faster. If it goes fast enough, the terrain starts splitting, not because of a bug, but because the speed is making it tear itself apart*!
  • 6 enemy types! 3 of them take it to the sky, and 3 of them would rather much live on land.
  • 5 items to help you along the way!
  • A Jetpack! Sustain flight for a brief period of time, but don't use it too much!

*Most definitely a bug that I can't find a way to fix.

Of course, you can't get around in this hazardous place without knowing how to play the game!


  • Left/Right: Moves your nameless protagonist left and right. One thing to keep in mind is that he does not move along with the stage if he remains idle, so keep moving!
  • Down: Not everything's rock-solid in this rock world! When you see a rather thin platform, pressing Down lets you go through it.
  • Z: Jump like no tomorrow!
  • X: Shoot like no tomorrow! You can only shoot 2 at a time (unless you get a certain item), and you can hold X to keep shooting. However, you can also mash it to fire faster!
  • C: Jetpack...like no tomorrow?
  • Escape: Pauses the game. This mysterious button keeps hold of time for as long as you please, until you're ready to face the danger once more.
  • F1: If the screen leaves you thinking this was designed for solely for ants, think again! Press F1 to toggle to fullscreen.
  • Alt+F4: Quits the game. No game can be played forever!
  • Alt+F5: For those moments where you lose a life over a silly mistake early on, this resets the game!


  • While this is active, your anonymous hero will not be able to fall down! Keep that in mind; you can still activate it while on land and still be able to jump.
  • The top bar represents how much...fuel? Power? Whatever it is, it's the duration of your jetpack, lasting a whole 2 seconds.
  • When your jetpack becomes inactive and the duration is within range of the blue bar below, you'll lose duration!
  • When your jetpack becomes inactive and the duration is low enough, you'll notice a white bar appear. That is the cooldown; you can't use your jetpack while in that range, and it even slows down the duration restore rate! It'll keep increasing with every use until you let the duration hit to full.

As for what the enemies and items are, you'll just have to find out as you play! Just know that it's the airborne enemies you must destroy to advance!

Tools Used

  • Game Maker: Exactly what you think I used it for. I used the Free version!
  • Krita: Used to create the Player and Enemy sprites.
Special Thanks
  • Shaun Spalding: For his Game Maker platforming tutorials!
  • PK Beta: Helping me out with several issues I've had while I was making the game!
  • swammi: For introducing me to the Game Jam!
  • cloudhime, lysander, and stacey: For having made/hosted said Game Jam!

More information

Published 1 year ago
TagsArcade, atari, Endless, Flight, Shooter

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file, using a program like WinZIP or WinRAR, and bam, the game is free from the clutches of the inexplicable-size-reducing books that it was hiding in.


Igo-Dom.zip (1 MB)

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